ABC Radio – Drive Sydney with Richard Glover. What to do if you have a tricky sleeper and could the dad be the missing link?

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July 06, 2021
1 min read

Join Richard Glover for Drive each week night for current affairs, commentary and comedy. Richard is one of Australia’s most experienced broadcasters and dissects the news of the day with a curiosity and humour. At the end of the week celebrate Friday with live music and the legendary TGIF.

Richard interviews Melbourne base paediatrician Dr Golly about his new sleep program and they discuss all things sleep & settling babies – in particular the unconventional advice of moving the baby to the dads side of the bed!

Broadcast:Mon 5 Jul 2021, 3:30pm

To listen click here: Dr Golly interview starts at 2hr 46min until 2hrs 55min