6PR Breakfast with Gareth Parker: Why baby bassinets should be on the non-breastfeeding parents’ side of the bed

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July 06, 2021
1 min read

Live interview: 05/07/2021

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A leading paediatrician is calling for bassinets to be placed on the non-breastfeeding parents’ side of the bed because it could have better sleep results for babies.

Dr Daniel Golshevsky has found moving the bassinet results in the child sleeping for longer and reduces the risk of setting up a feed-to-settle pattern.

“When they come to that light part of sleep they often wake, and if there is anything that stimulates them, they are going to wake up and cry and ask for a feed,” he told Oliver Peterson, filling in for Gareth Parker.

“What is the thing that stimulates babies most? it is the smell of their mother, and the smell of their mother’s breast milk.

“So if you can separate mum from baby, even by just a metre or two metres, then you can have a significant impact on the baby’s ability to stitch together sleep cycles and have a longer break between feeds.”